Automated Machines and Turnkey Systems Designed for Large-Scale Manufacture of EV Components

GROB Systems will be exhibiting a wide range of solutions for electric vehicle motor components, machining and production, battery and fuel cell assembly and more at EV Tech Expo in Michigan this September.

Included will be key EV parts made on GROB equipment such as stators, hairpin samples and batteries, and videos featuring GROB technology/capabilities. In addition, experts will be on hand to discuss attendee manufacturing needs and applications.

"As one of the few worldwide manufacturers of machine tools, GROB is committed to electromobility and expanding our product range in this future-facing industry," said Doug Schroeder, Proposal and Process Engineering Director, GROB Systems. "With years of EV manufacturing technology development already established, we offer an integrated concept for tomorrow's components through modular, flexible and scalable electric powertrain manufacturing and assembly solutions, and are looking forward to sharing these solutions with attendees at the show."

GROB Systems' advanced EV manufacturing technology/capabilities include automated machines and turnkey systems for the large-scale manufacture, winding and assembly of stators and rotors for customers in the automotive industry.

In addition, GROB Systems' concepts for energy storage systems support the automated production and assembly of battery cells, modules and packs, and fuel cells. These comprehensive end-to-end solutions enable GROB to handle large orders and offer customers automated machines, manufacturing lines and systems for full scale electric vehicle production.

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[Automated Machines and Turnkey Systems Designed for Large-Scale Manufacture of EV Components]

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