Interested in 3D Printing? The Forged Tour is Coming to a City Near You

Markforged is getting back on the road and going on a national tour with their partners to bring the Digital Forge to a city near you.

The Digital Forge is cloud-based, AI-powered, and always improving. It combines software, 3D printers, and materials to be seamlessly connected. This empowers engineers and designers to go from design to fully functional industrial parts more efficiently.

Attendees to the tour will learn more about Markforged's software platform, Eiger, and the capabilities of Blacksmith -- the end-to-end solution for validating quality so you can use parts immediately after printing.

The Forged Tour is making 15 stops in the U.S. in the month of August, including this week in Nashua, New Hampshire. They'll be hanging out at local hot spots to have some food, brews and chat about how the Digital Forge can transform the way you incorporate additive into your business strategy.

Anyone interested in additive manufacturing is invited to meet in person "the platform that prints industrial parts at the speed of software."

To find a show near you, click below.


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[Interested in 3D Printing? The Forged Tour is Coming to a City Near You]

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