Twin-Spindle HMC Stores Enough Workpieces for an Entire Shift

SW's BA 322i is designed to function as an independent manufacturing cell that can store enough workpieces for an entire shift.

This twin-spindle horizontal machining center produces twice the output while using less floor space and less energy.

The BA W02 and BA 3 series are available with a loading module with an integrated 6-axis robot and vertical workpiece storage.

VIDEO: Precision Bipolar Forceps Machining on BA 321

SW's double swivel carrier enables loading and unloading in parallel to machining time. The vertical workpiece storage is conveniently located to the side and has been trimmed down to require minimal space.

The new BA 3 series features the monobloc design in combination with the box-in-box 3-axis unit, double swivel carrier and 1, 2 or 4 horizontal spindles with 300 mm spindle distance.

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[Twin-Spindle HMC Stores Enough Workpieces for an Entire Shift]

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