New TuffCut® End Mills: Good Choice for Automotive and Firearm Manufacturing

The M.A. Ford® XV5CB is a stable, reliable solution for deep, dynamic milling applications.

It's a 5 flute chipbreaker end mill designed to deliver exceptional metal removal on steels and stainless steels. Offered in both 3xD and 4xD length of cut options, the XV5CB increases productivity by utilizing its aggressive stepover capabilities.

The tool's combined variable pitch geometry flutes and thick core design minimizes harmonic vibration and increases strength. Along with staggered chipbreaker technology, which helps to reduce cutting force and extends the life of the tool, a good balance can be reached, increasing machining performance.

With its thick core design and increased axial cutting, it's a reliable tool that can be used across many industries. The XV5CB series offers firearms and automotive industries, and heavy equipment and general engineering a durable cutting tool that stands up to its work load.

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M.A. Ford

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[New TuffCut® End Mills: Good Choice for Automotive and Firearm Manufacturing]

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