Replaceable Insert Drill Offers 25% Less Cost per Hole

Allied machine & Engineering's replaceable insert drill -- the T-A Pro -- is the culmination of years of application wins and losses, taking what was typically known as a general purpose tool and making it the go-to for all applications.

The T-A Pro offers the ideal solution for medium-sized job shops as well as high-production facilities.


The new coolant design allows the tool to consistently perform at speeds that are almost uncomfortably fast, the opposite of what you would typically think to run a spade drill at, while still being the trustworthy choice for short production or general purpose applications where tooling costs need to be kept low.

VIDEO: T-A Pro® Live Drilling Demos in Steel, Iron, and Aluminum

According to the company, in-house testing shows a 25% decrease in cost per hole against competitive product lines.

Simple insert selection is available using the ISO material-specific coating and geometries.


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[Replaceable Insert Drill Offers 25% Less Cost per Hole]

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