Turbine and Circle Segment End Mills Save 50% -- 80% Milling Time

EMUGE-FRANKEN's Circle Segment and Turbine End Mills feature unique geometries that are designed with high-performance 5-Axis machining in mind.

Turbine solid carbide end mills were developed to meet the material requirements and complex geometry found in die and mold and aerospace industries.

Complex shapes such as wide sweeping radii and deep pocketed cavities can present a broad range of challenges for machinists and programmers. EMUGE-FRANKEN's turbine end mill program provides standard solutions for special problems. This innovative combination of roughing with pre-finishing and subsequent finishing can deliver up to 50% time saving in milling operations.

Circle Segment End Mills, an EMUGE-FRANKEN innovation, feature unique design forms with large radii, allowing a much larger axial depth of cut during pre-finish and finishing. This generates a larger contact area than conventional ball-nose cutters due to the large radii on the face and radial cutting edges.

These tools enable substantially more material removal with fewer passes and generate significant cycle time reductions of over 80% and up to 50% smoother surface finishes.

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[Turbine and Circle Segment End Mills Save 50% -- 80% Milling Time]

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