Eco Fiber Laser Offers Small Footprint and Low Operating Costs

Nukon's Eco 315 4kW fiber laser machine is specially developed for first-time laser users, organizations wishing to add value to in-house manufactured products, and subcontractors either starting out in 2D laser cutting or with demanding flat-bed laser metal cutting requirements,

Eco machines offer high-spec features that are standard across the wider Nukon range. These include advanced Lantek Expert CAD/CAM nesting software and American-made nLIGHT fiber lasers.

The machine also comes with optional adaptive beam optimization and optional cut-line beam-shaping technology -- a capability that provides improved cut-edge finish and easy, rapid cutting of different sheet thicknesses and metals. Nukon Eco models have a compact 7 meter x 7 meter footprint and can accept sheet metal of up to 3 meters x 1.5 meters. They are available in power options from 1kW to 4kW.

VIDEO: Nukon 5-Axis Laser

"For such premium quality machines, Nukon fiber lasers are incredibly accessible. The extremely compact footprint of several models also makes them well-suited to production environments where floorspace is limited. While their low power consumption is a significant advantage in these times of record energy bills," comments Steve Haddrell, sales manager at Ingenium Integration, the official UK and Ireland distributors of Nukon's laser machines.

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[Eco Fiber Laser Offers Small Footprint and Low Operating Costs]

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