VMC Features CNC Technology and Jig Borer Precision in One Machine

Mitsui Seiki has launched the "PJ812" CNC vertical machining center. The "J" represents "Jig," which is ideal to machine critical medical, optical, electric vehicle, mold and die, and aerospace parts.

The PJ812 offers travels X-1200mm, Y-800mm, Z-500mm. Max work size is 1200mm x 800mm. Table load accommodates 1500kg. The VMC provides positioning accuracy and repeatability of +/- 1µm.

A thermal compensation system employs sensors on the machine faceplate and inside the spindle to minimize the effects of temperature changes on part accuracy and cut temperature-generated displacement by 60 percent. This system also reduces Z-axis thermal growth and deflection by 30 percent. Cooling systems for slide way lubrication and ball screw cores stabilize axis feed precision.

Mechanical design features that maximize machine rigidity and accuracy include hardened and ground tool steel box slideways as well as contact elements that enhance acceleration, reduce stick-slip, and allow for feed accuracy of 0.1 µm. Another proprietary engineering detail drastically improves the static rigidity of the Z-axis to more than six times that of conventional Z-axis arrangements.

This ultra-precision machine allows for more complete machining of precision components including precision boring, milling, drilling and tapping. Machining center technology and jig borer precision in one machine.

The machine features a full enclosure and various coolant system options.

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Mitsui Seiki

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[VMC Features CNC Technology and Jig Borer Precision in One Machine]

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