Modular Vise Ideal for Larger Workpieces

The two-piece Spanner Vise especially designed for use on Phillips Precision's Loc-N-Load™ system -- or other inspection fixture plates -- can infinitely adjust the distance to accommodate a workpiece and lock it down securely.

VIDEO: Watch a demonstration of the Spanner Vise.

The system's base plate allows the manufacturer to make greater adjustments to accommodate larger workpieces while keeping everything aligned with the t-slots. The vise can be spread as far apart as necessary using the slots or the holes in the standard base plate.

Soft jaws are standard with a milled step or can be machined to nest the workpiece. Custom jaws can also be used if desired.

The Spanner Vise enables manufacturers to get the workpiece up off of the plate. Height is gained by using Inspection Arsenal® stand-offs.

Made of black anodized aluminum, the modular, magnetically interlocking, easy to implement, quick-swap fixture solution is designed to help break workflow bottlenecks allowing shops to process more parts per shift.

Inspection Arsenal® is the only universal fixturing system providing a complete arsenal of inspection tools for most inspection machines. The system reduces wait time, defective parts and overproduction.

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[Modular Vise Ideal for Larger Workpieces]

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