12-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe: 80 Tools, High HP Motors -- Heavy Metal Removal

With a focus on expanding machining capabilities and maximizing productivity, Star CNC introduces their compact SX-38 Type B, 12-axis machine with slantbed construction.

The capability to keep eighty tools resident with high Hp motors means heavy metal removal and flexibility.

B-axis surfacing handles up to 1/2" diameter tooling. Star CNC's HFT software manages chip control in difficult to machine materials. Proprietary software enables remote monitoring and operator intervention predictability.

High-functioning with both gang-type and turret type tool posts, the SX-38 serves the precision machining requirements demanded by the medical, automotive and aviation industries.

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Star CNC

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[12-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe: 80 Tools, High HP Motors -- Heavy Metal Removal]

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