Nexen's Safety Certified Rod Lock, Rail and Servomotor Brakes Ideal for Emergency Stopping and Holding

Nexen's NexSafe Functional Safety certified Rod Locks, Rail Brakes and Servomotor Brakes provide a verified, reliable solution that machine builders can depend on.

With ISO 13849-1 Functional Safety Certification by Intertekª, these brakes are capable of Categories B through 4 and Performance Levels PLa through PLe. With spring engaged air released functionality, these products are default to lock, ideal for emergency stopping and holding applications.

"The Intertek Functional Safety mark provides customers like Nexen a way to illustrate reduced hazards and risks to operating personnel, machinery, and surrounding environments at a time when they are facing increased demands around functional safety," said Pierrick Balaire, Global Business Line Leader at Intertek.

Nexen's Spring Engaged, Air Released Rail Brakes, Servomotor Brakes and Rod Locks are safety certified to comply with international safety standard ISO 13849-1.

Nexen's Operating Mode Sensors for either Engagement or Disengagement are Industry 4.0 compatible and can provide information to maximize machine efficiency.

Having this information available aides with:

With superior performance, these spring-engaged, air-released units supplement air cylinders and guide rods for holding in power-off/e-stop situations. High clamping forces ensure positive holding with minimal air required for release.

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[Nexen's Safety Certified Rod Lock, Rail and Servomotor Brakes Ideal for Emergency Stopping and Holding]

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