LED Emergency Exit Lighting Helps Manufacturing Plants Offer Safer Workspaces

Building on its leadership in providing advanced hazardous location electrical equipment, Emerson Automation Solution has announced the availability of the Appleton HEX series LED Hazardous Location Exit Sign, rated for C1D2-areas.

The signs are specifically designed to provide bright and reliable emergency illumination during a crisis involving loss of power, as well as to perform as standard signage marking escape routes and exits in hostile industrial environments, such as oil refineries, underground tunnels, wastewater treatment centers and other facilities where flammable gases and vapors are present.

Appleton HEX series LED Hazardous Location Exit Signs come prewired for fast installation, offer 6 kV of surge protection standard, and are dual voltage to run at 120V or 277V. Equipped with a 4.8V rechargeable nickel cadmium battery, the signs provide failsafe emergency operation for 90 minutes or more upon loss of AC power.

Self-diagnostic circuitry tests operational conditions monthly, bi-annually or annually. If a failure is detected, visual status on the LED indicator lights up immediately to alert plant maintenance to perform repairs. Diagnostics testing can also be prompted on-demand using the included magnet flash.

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[LED Emergency Exit Lighting Helps Manufacturing Plants Offer Safer Workspaces]

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