Laser Gun Removes Rust and Debris from Surfaces

Laser Marking Technologies (Caro, MI) has introduced its new pulsed fiber AR-350 laser gun.

The 350 W system can remove paint, rust, and additional unwanted debris from the surface of a material without causing damage to the substrate base.

Users can enjoy the ergonomics of the adjustable stock, pistol grip, and forward grip, and its form factor was chosen to remind operators to implement heightened safety measures. This firearm's form factor further drives home the importance of safety, and also reminds users to treat this as if they're holding a real gun.

The AR-350 laser can substantially reduce consumables -- like sandpaper and chemical strippers -- used in a variety of industries, including shipyards, aerospace, and industrial communities, where restoration and precision are required. It is optimal for rust and paint removal since the laser ablation process allows operators to vaporize material.

Manufacturers will be able to reduce manual labor, minimize machine maintenance, and increase the safety standards in the workplace. It's also suitable for nuclear decontamination because it allows users to clean contaminated materials with a high level of precision.

Unlike some laser guns, the AR-350 has parameters that can be adapted on the fly in order to create fluidity in the manufacturing process.

Both the width and power of the laser can be quickly adjusted; additional adjustments can be made to the scanning speed and laser frequency from the AR-350's control panel, allowing users to only remove the upper surface of a product even as the density fluctuates, in order to deliver delicate ablation procedures.

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[Laser Gun Removes Rust and Debris from Surfaces]

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