Industry's First Metal 3D Printer to Remotely Change Power and Size of Laser Beam to Reduce Print Time

Optomec Inc. is showcasing two new Additive Manufacturing machines at the RAPID + TCT exhibition in Chicago this week. Both of these machines are specifically designed for high volume production, incorporate automated part-handling options and are designed with operator-friendly production software for error-free job sequencing in a manufacturing setting.

The first of these machines is the HC-TBR, a compact, all-in-one Metal Additive Manufacturing machine that uses Directed Energy Deposition (DED) to build or repair 3D metal parts with a wide variety of alloys.

In particular, this new machine is capable of processing reactive metal alloys such as titanium and aluminum at high volume in an oxygen-free chamber to ensure superior mechanical properties.

Using advanced laser optics, the machine can remotely change the size and power profile of its laser beam, enabling significant reductions in print times. This is a first for the industry.

The machine was designed in response to manufacturers in several industries that are seeking lower cost methods of producing and repairing titanium components as the industrial use of titanium continues to grow worldwide.

"These new systems are aimed at high volume production and are designed to be integrated into work cells or automated production lines," said Mike Dean, VP of Marketing. "But the machine's performance and reliability is really only one part of the equation for production. The other part is process development time. That's why Optomec also offers turn-key process recipes to help manufacturers get up and running in weeks instead of months."

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[Industry's First Metal 3D Printer to Remotely Change Power and Size of Laser Beam to Reduce Print Time]

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