5-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System Available in Any Size or Configuration

Pro Ultrasonics has introduced a new cleaning system that is custom designed to any size or configuration.

The system consists of 5 tanks for a Wash - Rinse - Passivation - Rinse - Dry cleaning cycle.

Each tank has its own control panel, and the entire machine is built on hydraulics, to raise and lower to fit the employee's comfortable working height.

On this unit, made for batches of smaller parts, each tank measures 12" x 8", but they can design a unit with whatever size, number, and type of tanks you need. 25 standard units are available but if one doesn't fit your needs, the company can design a custom system for your operation.

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Pro Ultrasonics

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[5-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System Available in Any Size or Configuration]

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