New Drive System: Simple Solution for Industrial Pump, Fan and Compressor Applications

Siemens has announced the immediate availability of a new enclosed drive system, the SINAMICS G120XE, designed specifically for the demands of industrial pump, fan and compressor applications in a wide variety of markets.

Built around the popular SINAMICS G120X infrastructure drive, this new enclosed system is ideal for fast design and commissioning in industries such as oil-and-gas/petrochemical, water/wastewater, power plants, industrial climate control, refrigeration and chillers in harsh environments.

A NEMA 1 enclosure is standard, with a NEMA 12 version optional, featuring appropriate ventilation and air filters. The base enclosure is suitable for wall-mounting to 75 hp applications, while the free-standing floor module accommodates uses to 200 hp.

Standard electrical characteristics of this new enclosed drive system also include a UL508A listing, SCCR rating to 65kA, circuit breaker disconnect with flange-mounted operator handle and mechanical door interlock, plus control power transformer for internal power control and power module with PWM IGBT inverter. Overload ratings allow operation in either light or high overload duty conditions.

A key feature of the G120XE is the intelligent operator panel, IOP-2. As Siemens Enclosed Drive Product Manager Chuck Fernandez notes, "One of the really exciting aspects of this new enclosed drive system is the intuitive simplicity in setup and commissioning. There's no need for extensive parameter knowledge and the unit literally self-guides the operator with on-screen instructions on a keypad-guided menu." Fernandez further notes, every rating of the G120XE is fully tested during the development stage for shock, vibration and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) in addition to many other tests.

The popular Siemens SIZER configuration software tool can also be provided to help with selecting and matching the G120X drive system with a Siemens motor and other system components.

SINAMICS G120XE is ready for digitalization and remote monitoring with a built-in web-server and the ability to connect to the SINAMICS Connect 300 allowing operators and maintenance personnel to access real-time status and cloud-based analytics from anywhere using the Analyze MyDrive app installed on their mobile device.

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[New Drive System: Simple Solution for Industrial Pump, Fan and Compressor Applications]

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