New Clean Sweep Provides Better Chip Handling and Coolant Cleaning

Mayfran International has launched the CleanSweep G2, a new innovation that expands the functionality of the original CleanSweep-RM to meet the changing needs of today's advanced machine tool applications.

With the ability to handle higher coolant flows and a comprehensive variety of fines, chips and turning types, CleanSweep G2 is a versatile solution that can help machine tool OEMs and operators reduce labor and material costs, leading to overall more efficient operations.

"We're always working closely with our customers to identify how their needs are changing and to discover what new ways we can help them solve their challenges," said Neb Petrovic, Vice President of Engineering, Mayfran International. "The CleanSweep G2 is a direct result of that process. Machine tool OEMs and operators are always looking to create new efficiencies -- with its economical and effective chip handling and coolant cleaning, the CleanSweep G2 helps do just that."

The CleanSweep G2 is a self-cleaning conveyor, helping operators eliminate the need for frequent coolant tank cleaning and maintenance. Under regular operating conditions, the CleanSweep G2 can help most customers reduce necessary coolant tank cleanouts to once per year. The results are increased machine uptime and extended coolant, pump and tooling life.

Additional features include:

With the launch of the CleanSweep G2, also available is the G2 "retrofit ready" hinged belt along with convenient conveyor retrofit kits, allowing customers to easily upgrade their machines when they are ready.

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[New Clean Sweep Provides Better Chip Handling and Coolant Cleaning]

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