Laser Marker Replaces Labor Intensive Tasks; Offers Short ROI

ANCA will be debuting the AutoMarkX at EMO 2021.

The AutoMark X is an automatic stand-alone laser marking station replacing manual and labor-intensive processes.

It is AIMS compatible which means it can work in a fully automatic mode without a need for human intervention, if required. The operator can load pallets full of tools and walk away to take care of more productive and value adding tasks.

The unit can accommodate a wide range of tool sizes, making it a versatile proposition for many manufacturers. The marking station offers an attractive return on investment (ROI) according to the company.

"We are proud to have our new AutoMarkX laser marking system on the stand at EMO, a machine that further simplifies tool manufacturing process by achieving greater efficiencies and reductions in simple manual tasks," said Patrick Boland, ANCA Co-Founder.

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[Laser Marker Replaces Labor Intensive Tasks; Offers Short ROI]

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