New Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machines; Duo-Lock ER Collets Allow for 30 Second Tool Changes

HAIMER recently debuted two new Power Clamp shrink fit machines to the market: the compact Power Clamp Air i4.0 and the Nano NG i4.0. Both are true specialists in their particular applications.

The Power Clamp Air i4.0 enables a particularly even and clean cooling for all kinds of shrink fit chucks and shrink fit collets, regardless of the outside contour, by air nozzles -- without dirt and water residue.

The Power Clamp Nano NG i4.0 was specially developed for shrink fit collets and small tool holders up to size HSK-A63. The shrinking process is horizontal, with a fully automated motor coil and air-cooling.

Duo-Lock™, HAIMER's modular cutting tool system, maximizes a carbide tool's productivity in both roughing and finishing applications. It provides high load capacity and rigidity when machining at high metal removal rates.

The new Duo-Lock ER collets allows for quick tool changes in Turning machines and Live-Driven tools with great z-axis repeatability. Tool changes happen within 30 seconds, which reduces the amount of downtime of the machine.

With the HAIMER Shrink Fit ER Collets, machinists can start immediately making good parts. No in-machine presetting is needed once it is inserted because it can be done outside the machine on the HAIMER Power Clamp Air i4.0 with Preset.

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[New Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machines; Duo-Lock ER Collets Allow for 30 Second Tool Changes]

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