New 5-Axis Machining Center Perfect for Processing Smaller Workpieces

Mitsui Seiki's new PJ 303X 5-axis machining center provides maximum precision and versatility in processing of workpieces up to 9" tall and 11" in diameter, and 44 lbs. in weight. Typical applications cover an extensive range of critical parts such as lens molds, medical products, EDM electrodes and fuel cell components.

The machine's X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels are 11.8", 12.8", and 7.9" respectively. A-axis rotation is +40˚ to -100˚, and the C-axis rotates a full 360˚. High-speed linear motors move the X-, Y- and Z-axes, while the rotary axes employ direct-drive motors. Rapid traverse speed for the X-, Y-, and Z-axes is 66 ft/min.

A 50,000-rpm, HSK-E25 taper spindle offers high-speed machining capability. An automatic tool changer engineered to store up to 24 tools as large as 1.57" in diameter and 4.7" in length provides tooling versatility.

To maximize precision, the sliding machine surfaces of the PJ 303X are hand-scraped.

Advanced spindle thermal displacement technology is standard, including a symmetrical gantry column structure that accommodates thermal deformation fluctuations and a thermal compensation mechanism for the machine spindle/head.

Operator-friendly features further enhance precision, including a 15" color display with touch panel capability than can be moved to the most convenient position relative to the work envelope. The machine's double-stage rotary door provides wide access for visibility and setup.

The PJ 303X consumes a compact 5.75' x 7.77' x 8.7' (W x L x H) of floor space, and weighs approximately 9,900 lbs.

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Mitsui Seiki

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[New 5-Axis Machining Center Perfect for Processing Smaller Workpieces]

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