Welding Manufacturer Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary in the Clouds

Using a Cloud ERP system since 2016, Tuffaloy Products Inc., (Greer, South Carolina), utilizes real-time data to provide on-time delivery for its customers while optimizing their bottom line.

Located in Greer, South Carolina, Tuffaloy Products is a manufacturer of resistance-welding products, which are used in automotive and industrial applications to join metal.

The 4th generation business started in Detroit back in 1937 and moved south in 1985.

Tuffaloy was managing 5 sites in 4 different countries with a DOS-based green screen system. Management knew they needed to modernize their operation. "We were one Windows update away from being out of business," says Dennis -- VP of Operations.

So, they started using Epicor ERP in July of 2016.

Epicor was able to explain to them how the system would work for each one of their different business models and they were able to prove that the ERP system could be customized to work for each of Tuffaloy's business models.

One of the challenges that was facing Tuffaloy is the consumer mentality of manufactures -- expecting products to be readily available and able to ship within a day.

The new ERP system helped immediately.

Each operator who runs a piece of equipment has access to the ERP system. Through cloud storage, everyone in the entire operation can view the collected data. Some of the data includes labor, time, and the details of a product moving through the system.

With the Epicor Cloud System, they are able to display real-time KPI's on a daily basis, which allows employees to better manage their day-to-day activity and improve the organization.

On-time delivery dramatically improved. And travel expenses for executives dropped about 50% after the system was deployed since it's a full quote to cash ERP that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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[Welding Manufacturer Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary in the Clouds]

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