New Bandsaw Expands Range of Applications Using Hard-to-Cut Materials

KASTO has expanded its KASTOmicut saw series with the AE 4.6 machine model to provide the user with a broader range of applications. The version based on the KASTOmicut E 4.6 features a high degree of safety while delivering excellent cutting results even with difficult to cut materials.

The KASTOmicut swivelling frame bandsaws are designed for efficient crosscuts and mitre cuts of tubing, profiles, and solid material. The cutting range of the new model expands up to 460 millimeters; one-sided mitre cuts are possible up to 60° depending on the material geometry and dimensions.

The KASTOmicut AE 4.6 offers users numerous advantages: For example, a precision ball screw drive and round guide enable the feed vice to be positioned precisely. As a result, cut-piece lengths can be cut with a high degree of accuracy.

Deviations in the surface quality of the cutting material can be offset through the pivoting mount of the feed vice. This prevents inaccuracies and ensures a high degree of process reliability -- even with materials requiring more complex processing. A full enclosure made with durable sheet metal in combination with a light curtain provides a high level of safety. Easy access to the saw greatly simplifies the setup operation. In addition, thanks to a rotatable operating panel, users can work comfortably and ergonomically on the machine.

Cut-pieces can be discharged in various ways: They can be moved into a container by positioning the chute on an incline. By swivelling the chute into a horizontal position, longer cut-pieces can be discharged from the machine via a roller conveyor. If the user inserts an additional element, optimum use of the operating range is ensured when making layer cuts.

The KASTOmicut AE 4.6 works with a modified spur gear. By doing so, the bearing position of the gear-sided running wheel can be attached extremely close to the force application point enabling optimum blade tension. The use of carbide band guides and a ball bearing mounted band back guide enables precise guidance of the sawband. Users achieve excellent processing results.

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[New Bandsaw Expands Range of Applications Using Hard-to-Cut Materials]

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