New Boring Head Handles Both Rough and Finish Processes Seamlessly

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling has introduced the Series 319 SW rough boring head with the BIG CAPTO connection.

The new SW BIG CAPTO Rough Boring Head makes it possible to perform rough and finish boring processes seamlessly with the finishing heads it has offered for years.

In accordance with ISO 26623-1, the polygon shape of the taper and one-piece body construction provides for highly repeatable accuracy and torque transmission, an ideal fit for rough boring work.

The SW BIG CAPTO achieves high repeatability, in part, thanks to the flush fit of the polygon taper with the spindle. The combination of a self-centering 1:20 taper and the long taper edge ensures stable runout accuracy.

The SW BIG CAPTO is available in sizes C3, C4, C5, C6 and C8. The diameter range is ø.984" -- 8.000".

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Big Kaiser

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[New Boring Head Handles Both Rough and Finish Processes Seamlessly]

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