Why Choose Cloud ERP? Here's Your Answer

In the past five years, cloud adoption among small and medium U.S. businesses has grown over 250%, with 58% of organizations using public or private cloud for more than one application or workload. With businesses looking for ways to save money and gain a strategic advantage, cloud ERP is helping companies innovate faster to meet growth goals.

So, should cloud ERP be part of your mix? Only if you want to innovate faster than your competitors and meet your growth goals.

That's the conclusion of "Digital Transformation Requires an Adaptable Platform," a new infographic created by IDC and sponsored by Acumatica.

"Traditional ERP is dead. New ERP functionality often appears first as cloud applications -- not on-premises -- as businesses embrace a multi-cloud world of integrated capabilities."

This infographic will show you:

To view the graphic, click below.


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[Why Choose Cloud ERP? Here's Your Answer]

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