11-Axis CNC Screw Machine Outperforms Conventional Lathes

LICO Machinery's series of 11-axis CNC screw machines feature multiple overlapping slides that can meet or exceed machining speed, quality, and versatility found in cam-driven machines.

Each machine in the series can use up to five tools simultaneously and each slide is capable of full 2-axis servo-controlled travel.

Every LNTS unit comes standard with a turret-mounted pickoff counter-spindle and a gang platform with three backworking tools.

The 8-position main turret position utilizes VDI-30 tool holders and can accept live tooling in any position. Spindle sizes range from 36mm (1.4 inches) to 65mm (2.55 inches). Every unit comes equipped with a 1,000 PSI high pressure oil/water coolant pump and tool holders for all cross-slides and turret positions, including 2 radial and 2 axial live tools. Every model offers an optional eight position static backworking turret.

During the 2021 Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) on August 10, 11, and 12 in Cleveland, Absolute Machine Tools will demonstrate the LICO LNT51S-S4. The demonstration will take place at booth 4013 and will be given by Absolute's Applications Engineer Scott Petrisko.

Petrisko will show how multi-slide CNC screw machines can outperform conventional CNC lathes and even cam-operated screw machines. Not only are the LICO machines fast, but they address many of the factors that make cam-operated screw machines challenging, such as aging machines, lack of skilled labor, maintenance issues, safety standards, and more.

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[11-Axis CNC Screw Machine Outperforms Conventional Lathes]

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