Heavy-Duty Machine Especially Good for Turning Medical Device Parts

Eurotech's Forza TA single turret heavy-duty turning machine is extremely accurate and its technology delivers faster cycle times than any of its competitors, according to the company.

The hand crafted European built machine with box way construction and hand-scraped ways enables the Eurotech Forza to cut and hold tolerances and finishes for tough materials such as titanium, cobalt chrome, and PEEK.

Eurotech's TA series uses 100% high-quality components on every aspect of this machine. From the polished way covers, to the aluminum lubrication lines, to the scissor style way covers no compromises or shortcuts were taken. And there is not a single belt on the entire machine.

The Forza TA machine has the rigidity to achieve both the tolerances and demanding finishes of many medical device parts. It gets its speed from both the Eurotech technology (Gap Elimination ladder) and the live tools (12,000 RPM). Add to this the grinding and vacuum options as well as the custom software available and the company believes it is the ultimate manufacturing solution for the medical industry.

The spindle is driven through a motor integrated in the headstock body itself. This construction ensures an outstanding spindle robustness and vibration dampening that significantly improves surface finish and roundness. Additionally, spindle acceleration and braking times are shortened by about 20-50% because of the reduced inertia and higher loading capacity of oil-cooled headstocks.

"Our Eurotech machine gave us 24-30% improvement in cycle time (depending on the complexity of the part). It is much faster than the competition and incredibly user friendly. We put a lot of value in Eurotech's lifetime programming classes; it is important that our team stay on the cutting edge of technology. We've since invested in 4 more Eurotechs," added Marc Moran, Foreman, Swiss Automation.

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[Heavy-Duty Machine Especially Good for Turning Medical Device Parts]

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