See 9 State-of-the-Art Automated Systems on Display at Innovation Day

With the push to automation and e-mobility, the automotive and manufacturing industries are being forced to innovate at rates that have never been seen before.

Felsomat will be presenting a flexible robotic loader -- BAUSTEIN -- seen here with different configuration packages.





Felsomat USA wants its customers to be ready to take on the future with their innovative automated systems. Some of those systems will be on display Thursday, June 10 from 11 am -- 7 pm for Felsomat's Innovation Day taking place at their US headquarters in Schaumburg, IL.

"We're excited for the return to in-person events, and we can't wait for you to explore all of the innovations we've been working on over the past year," said one company official.

Felsomat's state-of-the-art laser welder for RDU and PTU parts will be running parts, live on their shop floor.



On their shopfloor, they will be featuring nine state-of-the-art automated systems including crankshaft, pinion, transmission, driveline differential welding, and high-volume hobbing.

In addition to innovative live machining demonstrations, they'll be hosting informative sessions on their e-mobility portfolio while providing drinks, a light lunch, and dinner. The event could help your operation improve its systems or catapult your company into the new era of automated manufacturing.

To register or learn more about Felsomat USA Innovation Day, click below.


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[See 9 State-of-the-Art Automated Systems on Display at Innovation Day]

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