Integrating Universal Robots' Next-Generation Machine Loading System Just Got Easier

To better address demand for its popular ActiNav flexible machine loading system, Universal Robots announces the following system integrators as ActiNav Solutions Providers to assist end users in ActiNav deployments:

Additional integrators in the U.S. and Canada are expected to be approved as ActiNav Solution Providers before the end of Q2, 2021.

Typically, solutions for unstructured picking and placing of parts into machines are solely focused on the vision aspect, often requiring additional programming to bridge the gap from "pick" to "place" -- especially if the "place" is not just dropping into a box but accurately inserting parts into fixtures for further processing.

Universal Robots' ActiNav changes all that, combining real-time autonomous motion control with vision and sensor systems in one seamless Application Kit that solves the random bin picking challenge in machine tending applications.

The selected systems integrators have all been provisioned with in-house demo units, enabling them to quickly develop proofs of concepts for customers in their region.

"Integrating ActiNav into a machining cell is where the expertise of the right systems integrator really shines," says Bryan Bird, Regional Sales Director for Universal Robots' North America division. "Our integrators will be able to quickly handle all peripheral requirements such as integration with safety sensors, machine interfaces, end-of-arm tooling and other components that all need to work together."

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[Integrating Universal Robots' Next-Generation Machine Loading System Just Got Easier]

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