Titanium AM System Unlocks Future of Design for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Primus Aerospace turned to Velo3D for the first-ever, advanced metal 3D-printing system of its kind dedicated to flight-critical applications.

Established in 1989, Primus Aerospace is a leading manufacturing partner to aerospace, defense & space OEMs / Primes & Tier I suppliers worldwide. The vertically-integrated manufacturing operation is strategically located in Colorado, with a sales & engineering office in Arizona and distribution warehouse in the Netherlands.

Engineers examine a titanium fuel tank printed on a VELO3D additive manufacturing system with no internal supports. Such tanks/pressure vessels are designed for use in aerospace and defense applications.





Primus Aerospace offers a broad array of build-to-print manufacturing and integration services, including multi-axis machining, mechanical and electrical assembly, 3D printing, waterjetting, EDM, testing services and design support.

Recently, the company joined the VELO partner network with the addition of a Ti6Al4V Sapphire® metal additive manufacturing (AM) system to its operation.

This is the first titanium-dedicated metal 3D printer from VELO3D that is being used solely for aerospace & defense applications. Primus has identified VELO3D's AM system as a solution for many applications they currently produce, including cube satellites, hypersonics and turbine engines.

A look inside the titanium 3D printed tanks



The Colorado-based company is a top-tier supplier for the leading defense primes and the majority of aerospace OEM's, including Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon.

"Primus is proud to be a leader in this manufacturing category," says Gary Vaillancourt, Vice President of Engineering & Technical Sales. "Our customers require maximum performance of their aerospace-related systems and, together with VELO3D, we can redefine what is possible in manufacturing through advanced AM technology."

The partnership with VELO enables Primus Aerospace to deliver unique design freedom and highest-quality AM services to its customers. Using the VELO3D manufacturing solution, Primus is unlocking powerful design and manufacturing capabilities that enable the realization of previously unattainable geometries and optimized solutions as well as the exploration of novel aerospace applications.

VELO3D's Sapphire printer



"Primus Aerospace is an excellent partner for us with their customer focus, commitment to innovation, and adoption of leading-edge technology," says Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D. "Our capabilities will help them deliver to engineers and supply chain managers the part designs they want, not the limited part geometries that other commodity-AM suppliers say they can have. The synergies between our two companies will support developers of new products to optimize their designs without compromise or restraint."

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[Titanium AM System Unlocks Future of Design for Aerospace and Defense Industry]

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