Hybrid 5-Axis VMC Allows Easy Switching Between Additive and Subtractive Machining

Romi USA has introduced the DCM 620-5X Hybrid 5-Axis vertical machining center with additive and subtractive machining capabilities.

Engaging all three linear axes and the tilting (B) and rotating (C) axes allows simultaneous machining on all five axes. The machine combines millesimal angular positioning with high rigidity to enable very precise machining of highly complex parts. The DCM 620-5X Hybrid is one of Romi's complete line of hybrid manufacturing machine tools that combine traditional machining operations with 3D metallic additive manufacturing.

The machine is built on a Romi-made monoblock base and has a net weight of 20,300 lbs. It features linear roller guides for the X, Y, and Z axes and direct rotary encoders for the B and C axes. This combination reduces vibration and produces high rigidity and precision.

The DCM 620-5X Hybrid also features a 40 big-plus taper direct-drive spindle capable of 15-15,000 rpm, a 24 hp motor, a 24" x 20" x 18.1" table (X, Y, Z), and a 30-tool automatic tool changer. It is equipped with a Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl CNC that features a 19" touch screen.

Romi has made switching back and forth from subtractive machining to additive manufacturing as simple as making a tool change. Once the additive head is brought into position via an automatic tool changer, the laser deposition additive process on the workpiece can begin. Material can then be added to the piece in the exact profile, amount and location desired.

It is ideal for part repair, adding features, or intricate work where subtractive manufacturing takes more time and produces more wasted material. The machine gives users the ability to add high-cost materials such as Inconel and stainless steel in the exact amount required to achieve the desired profile while minimizing material costs.

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[Hybrid 5-Axis VMC Allows Easy Switching Between Additive and Subtractive Machining]

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