Enhanced Risk Management Software Helps Build Smarter, Safer Supply Chain

Avetta®, a provider of supply chain risk management software, is adding an intelligent supplier classification tool to Avetta Connect™ to better pair different supplier types to the safety and certification requirements for the work they are doing. The new process both streamlines supplier onboarding and adds more service levels, providing a better fit to a broader range of suppliers.

"The Avetta Connect platform is unique because it manages a broad number of suppliers across a very diverse set of industries," said Taylor Allis, chief product officer of Avetta. "To scale the digitization of our clients' supply chain risk management programs, we need to deliver new ways to intelligently automate the classification and management of supply chain vendors. Avetta Connect's newest features enable clients to automatically map compliance requirements to companies based on their attributes on a global scale."

How it Works

Avetta Connect

Avetta Connect creates an easy and customized way for clients to communicate their specific requirements for each job. These requirements are not limited to just safety and health but can also be customized to additional environmental, social and governance specifications.

Suppliers are intelligently assessed and routed through the correct evaluation process based on the services and products they offer. With Avetta Connect's enhanced analytics -- statistics, incident records, history and other performance indicators -- clients create configurable dashboards and reports, gaining visibility down to the employee level for specific job roles and work location.

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[Enhanced Risk Management Software Helps Build Smarter, Safer Supply Chain]

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