Environmentally Friendly Grinding Oil Improves Flushing

Transor Filter USA has introduced a new line of grinding oil branded EVN.

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EVN's "Environmentally Friendly" designation is because, unlike most grinding oils that are petroleum based, EVN is a vegetable-based oil. EVN is completely biodegradable and it is not harmful in cases of leakage or spills.

EVN provides additional benefits over normal grinding oils. Its combination of low viscosity (5.4 cSt) coupled with a high flash point (370°F) is not possible in petroleum-based products. That means that EVN improves flushing, which helps grinding performance while also providing the increased safety features.

Compared to traditional grinding oils, EVN users have experienced up to 30% less evaporation along with significantly reduced misting, thus reducing maintenance making it a very cost-effective investment. When EVN is used in Transor's One Micron filtration systems featuring automatic backflushing, its life expectancy is indefinite.

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[Environmentally Friendly Grinding Oil Improves Flushing]

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