Newly Released Management Tool Could Boost Your Plant's Productivity

ECOBPM, an Orlando, Florida-based cloud maintenance solution provider, recently announced the launch of Sweven, a cloud-based service that acts as a platform that allows facility managers and contractors to have better control, communication, and distribution of their regular workflow.

Sweven is a SaaS company that is dedicated to producing, among other products, the next generation of facilities and asset management software for the global market. The platform can be used in various industries such as manufacturing, transportation, petroleum, and more.

Sweven centralizes info and provides a number of interfaces, depending on the role someone plays in a user's workflow. It provides users with tools to configure segmentation, distribution, flow, approval, communication, and more. Small and large companies will immediately feel the benefits of operating with a digital workflow.

With Sweven, companies from all industries can access a set of features that will help them increase their productivity and be more efficient. Features such as service orders, interactive analytics dashboard, customizable workflow automation, client portal, and vendor online enrollment.

Another great feature is the integration of IoT devices. Once the platform is running, users will receive custom made IoT devices with maintenance sensors and instructions on how to add them to their facilities. These devices allow users access to cloud monitoring, assets status, whether is on or off, self-health monitoring, and a firmware that connects to maintenance systems to create new work orders when needed.

For a company, there is nothing worse than a dissatisfied client that is tying up the operation by constantly asking for information. Sweven provides its users with an option to offer their clients access to a portal where they can get their information at any time, without impacting the operation.

The success of an operation also depends on fast and accurate communication with its vendors. With Sweven, vendors can register themselves in the system, directly access information related to their tasks, and they can report back into the system in real-time.

Technicians can also perform their tasks using a checklist, upload status updates (including photos and videos) directly from their mobile app. Furthermore, the company and its clients can check in real-time the ongoing work performed by the technicians in the field.

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[Newly Released Management Tool Could Boost Your Plant's Productivity]

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