Maintenance-Free, No-Adjustment Brakes Eliminate Downtime for Cranes, Hoists, and Winches

Force Control Industries has introduced a maintenance-free, no-adjustment crane brake that virtually eliminates crane downtime.

The MagnaShear™ motor brake employs oil shear technology, providing longer service life in demanding applications like the frequent start/stop cycles seen on cranes, hoists, and winches. Proven oil shear technology transmits torque between lubricated surfaces -- thereby eliminating wear on friction surfaces.

A patented fluid recirculation system dissipates heat -- eliminating heat build-up which is the most common problem in dry braking systems. Elimination of the wear significantly increases service life and virtually eliminates adjustment which also elongates maintenance intervals.

An anodizing plant cut preventative maintenance by 2 hours per week and eliminated $8000 in annual parts expenditures by switching from dry brakes to MagnaShear™ motor brakes.

In addition to cranes, winches and hoists, they are ideal for applications where the motor is reversed each cycle such as loader/unloader conveyors, rail car spotters and dumpers, ship and rail car loading conveyors, trippers and pallet return conveyors.

The oil shear technology also provides a smooth "cushioned" stop which reduces shock to the drive system, further extending service life of downstream components.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Motor Sizes

These proven motor brakes are available to accommodate a wide range of applications. Spring set torque ratings from 3 to 1250 foot-pounds are available. MagnaShear™ motor brakes are available in multiple torques for the same motor frame.

MagnaShear™ motor brakes feature "quick mount" features for quick and easy mounting to drive motors in NEMA frame sizes 56 to 449. They are shipped ready to install, with no assembly or adjustments required. They are also available pre-mounted on a motor for severe duty applications. MagnaShear™ motor brakes can be furnished to fit a NEMA or IEC frame motor, as a complete motor and brake assembly, or to mount on a machine frame or other special mounting configuration.

These proven motor brakes are totally enclosed from outside contaminants, with seal integrity for harsh and washdown environments. A modular design /assembly allows for ease of servicing and maintenance.

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