Ultra Large Capacity 5-Axis HMC: New Solution for Stable, Accurate Machining of Parts Up to Nearly 50" Diameter

New from Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc., the HN80E-5X 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center is the latest and largest addition to the builder's heavy-duty HN-5X Series.

The HN80E-5X features an impressive 49.2" of travel in the X-axis, 48.4" in Y and 47.2" in Z, and allows a maximum workpiece diameter of 49.2", height of 39.4" and weight of 3,300 lb. Incorporating the solid cast iron X and Z base of Niigata's HN100D-II Heavy Duty Boxway Horizontal Machining Center, the HN80E-5X provides maximum rigidity, stability and accuracy.

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The simultaneous 5-axis machining of the HN80E-5X results in improved cycle times and machined surfaces of complicated and 3D curved components. A quick and easy 5-axis compensation function ensures high accuracy over extended periods. Five-face machining means a reduced number of setups and simplified fixtures for a substantially reduced changeover time.

For additional efficiency, the tool magazine is driven by a servo motor for fast and reliable indexing.

As with all HN-5X machines, the guide ways of the HN80E-5X consist of a combination of hardened and ground hand-scraped turcite for stability and vibration damping characteristics, as well as a long life. The cross section of the rectangular guide ways is thick and wide for maximum machine rigidity. Niigata's unique bifurcated bell-shaped column further contributes to rigidity and metal cutting efficiency.

Both ends of Niigata's exclusively designed heavy duty 5-axis trunnion table are supported by the High Load Type Roller BRG and a Double-Lead Worm Gear System for low frequency machining. For consistent long-life dynamic machine accuracy, the HN80E-5X is equipped with an optical scale feedback system (on X, Y, Z axes) and an inductive scale feedback system (on A, B axes) as standard.

A high torque, heavy duty spindle complements the rigid machine frame. The spindle head stock consists of mono-cast (single piece) castings for more powerful milling and greater accuracy than bolt-together type spindle heads.

The HN80E-5X comes equipped with the FANUC 30iM controller. A variety of 5-axis machining support software is available.

The HN80E-5X is ideal for machining in a range of industries demanding highly rigid, heavy duty and accurate performance, including aircraft, automobile, power generator, die & mold and semiconductor.

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