Mastercam's Optimized 5-Axis Post Processor Now Available for FANUC CNC's

FANUC America and CNC Software, provider of Mastercam, have introduced a new post processor designed to optimize 5-axis capabilities in FANUC CNC's. The new post processor allows advanced machine tool operators to reduce their cycle times while boosting part accuracy, particularly for CAD/CAM generated 5-axis simultaneous contouring part processes.

A growing number of manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, medical and mold & die job shops, are incorporating 5-axis simultaneous processing in their operations. By optimizing FANUC CNC's with this new Mastercam post processor, machine tools will be able to produce parts -- modeled in the CAD system -- more precisely.

"For 5-axis simultaneous contouring, a quality CAD/CAM system is critical," says Rick Schultz, Aerospace Program Manager for FANUC America. "FANUC has worked closely with CNC Software to make it easy for programmers to create optimal tool paths using the advanced algorithms available in the 5-axis Milling Standard Package for FANUC's 30i-B and 30i-B Plus Series controls."

Key functions in the Milling Standard Package for FANUC controls include Tool Center Point (TCP), Workpiece Setting, Error Compensation (WSEC), Easy Setting Function to support multiple acceleration and process profiles, and advanced lookahead algorithms AICC II with Smooth Tolerance Control+. This package used with the latest FANUC-controlled machine tools and the new Mastercam post processor is designed to power the future of advanced 5-axis machining.

"This new Mastercam post processor unlocks the full potential of machine tools that come with the 5-axis Milling Standard Package," explains Schultz. "Shorter cycle times with better path accuracy and mirror surface finishes will set a new standard for machining with Mastercam generated code."

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