Versatile Stamping Equipment Marks Parts with Odd Angles

Numberall Stamp and Tool Co., Inc., offers high quality stamping equipment to mark a variety of parts in many different industries. Despite the versatile product line, they often modify and add special fixtures to meet customer parameters.

That was the case when they were presented with an application to mark the neck of small CO2 bottles. This presented a unique task, in that the standard Model 301A needed a special holding fixture to enable marking at an odd angle. The customer complicated the process by wanting two bottle sizes to use the same machine.

Numberall's solution was to design a fixture with a common base, then have the base adjustable, coupled with a removable insert. Two inserts were used, one for each size bottle. By using two inserts and an adjustable base, the bottle sizes could quickly and easily be changed.

The fixture was a huge challenge. Not only did it have to hold two sizes of bottles, but the area to be stamped provided another issue. Normally, the Model 301A roll marks a round part. But the neck of the bottles had two angles that needed to be considered. Watch the video below and you'll see how the experts at Numberall solved the problem.

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[Versatile Stamping Equipment Marks Parts with Odd Angles]

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