Extra Thin Brakes Ideal for Robot Arms or Compact Automated Systems

Miki Pulley's unique BXR power-off engaged brake may serve as an emergency brake, as well as a holding brake, important for protecting compact designed automated systems.

These BXR spring applied brakes provide versatility in space and weight savings. Their unique, low profile design is 2/3 the thickness of other brakes in the Miki lineup.

Successful articulating joint applications where cantilevered load must be minimized, the extra thin BXR brake operates in this way: to open the brake and allow free rotation, voltage flows to the coil. When power is disengaged from the coil, internal compression springs push the armature plate toward the rotor disc, halting it against the top plate. The square/splined rotor hub affixed to the input shaft interfaces with the rotor disc holding rotational movement.

The Miki Pulley BXR brake is also a space and weight saving option for servo motor applications.

Miki Pulley also makes available even smaller sizes with the designation BXR-LE, (low energy) for miniature applications 0.06 Nm to 3.20 Nm.

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Miki Pulley

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