Innovative Electric Motor/Spindle Delivers High-Speed Performance with 1 Micron Accuracy

NSK America Corporation has introduced its new iSpeed5 System. The iSpeed5, a Fully Tool Changeable, Electric, High-Speed Motor/Spindle is an innovative tool that the manufacturing industry has been requesting for many years.

The iSpeed5 is a 60,000 or 80,000 RPM, 350 Watt, Brushless DC Electric System that eliminates the need for any operator intervention by using a special designed connection under that machine spindle that can prevent coolant, chips, dust and other machining debris from contaminating the stop block.

No longer is there a need for operator intervention to connect or disconnect the High-Speed Motor/Spindle. With the iSpeed5, the availability for High-Speed and Micro Machining for both short or long periods of operation, as well as lights out manufacturing, are possible.

The iSpeed5 features ultra-precision ceramic bearings for high-speed performance, and spindle accuracy of less than 1 micron (.00004) T.I.R. for all micro milling, drilling and grinding applications. The dry air purge system proves ideal for graphite machining as well as surfacing for mold finishing. A wide variety of tapers are available.

The iSpeed5 control unit features a motor protection system as well as an input/output interface to communicate with the CNC controller. The Handy Controller allows hand-held operation of the system from a distance. This device features all of the same buttons and functions as the main controller, including speed adjustment, reverse and reset should the controller be mounted remotely. The iSpeed5 Stop Block integrates with the iSpeed5 controller in order to make automatic tool change possible. A variety of generic and custom stop blocks are available for all machine models.

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