Redesigned Clamp Provides Versatility for Unique Parts

Phillips Precision's Products Division has introduced its newly modified Riser-Grip™ Clamp as part of the Inspection Arsenal® LEAN, Quick-Swap inspection fixture system.

The redesigned Riser-Grip™ full-access clamps are now even more versatile. The two-piece design allows the top jaw containing a brass tipped set screw to adjust up and down and lock into place. V-grooves are added to the holding surface bi-directionally to secure small round parts for inspection. Threaded holes in the base accommodate stops.

Riser-Grip™ is machinable and can be customized for your unique parts. It can be used for CMM and vision inspection. Able to secure parts of .0 to 2.1" (0mm to 53.3mm) in thickness, Riser-Grip is made of clear anodized aluminum. It fits 1/4-20, 1/2" and 1" fixture plate hole patterns.

Other benefits of Inspection Arsenal®:

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