UV Sanitation Carts Kill Coronavirus in 20 Minutes

UV sanitation carts are an optimal way to disinfect large industrial and commercial areas, including warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Larson Electronics carries a wide variety of powerful UV-C sanitation carts that offer 360° of coverage for a variety of applications.

The IND-UC.360 series is offered in several different models, including models that come with four UV-C fluorescent lamps and others that come with eight UV-C fluorescent lamps. Some models are 2-foot models and others are 4-foot models. This series of UV carts features units that cover anywhere from 500 to 8,000 square feet of space, which is ideal for large facilities.

These industrial grade UV carts kill up to 99% of viruses, including coronavirus, in large facilities using an output range of 200nm to 280nm (254nm generalized) of germicidal UV light. These UV-C sanitation carts feature a recommended 20- to 25-minute exposure time for viruses and other contaminants making them highly efficient and effective.

These carts are also compatible with certain AI robotic technology to automate the disinfection process.

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