High-Performance Replacement Filters Feature HemiPleat Technology that Outlasts Other Oval Dust Collectors

Camfil APC introduces HemiPleat® replacement filter cartridges to fit all Oval industrial dust collectors.

These filters use patented pleating technology that enables them to outlast and outperform cartridges fabricated with standard pleated filter media. Synthetic beads hold the pleats open to expose more media to the airstream, increasing filter efficiency, lowering pressure drop and facilitating a better release of dust during pulse cleaning.

Filter cartridges with HemiPleat technology capture more air pollutants, resulting in a safer, cleaner work environment with less maintenance.

Replacing filter cartridges with HemiPleat oval filters also reduces a dust collector's operating costs because the system uses less compressed air and energy for the fan motor. HemiPleat technology provides the lowest initial pressure drop and the lowest pressure drop that lasts through the lifetime of the filter.

HemiPleat oval filters are available with efficiency up to MERV 16. They come in a variety of filter media including nanofiber, flame retardant, synthetic, carbon and PTFE. These filter cartridges can be used safely to collect any type of dust or fume including fine, fibrous, combustible, sticky and toxic dusts.

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