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Press Brake's New Automatic Tool Changer Enables Complex Setups in 4 Minutes or Less

Amada's HRB Press Brake Series leverages industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features that can be customized to resolve your specific challenges.

AMADA's latest high-precision, hybrid drive series will be manufactured at the Carolina Manufacturing Center which will expedite delivery to North American fabricators. In addition to providing precise bending results, the new HRB Series is engineered to ensure the utmost in versatility and ease-of-use.

The addition of AMADA's patented Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) will enable you to achieve even the most complex tool setups in 4 minutes or less. Automatic tool changes eliminate time-consuming manual setup making it possible to seamlessly introduce rush jobs. AMADA engineered the ATC as an ideal solution for variable lot sizes and complex tool layouts.

In addition, operators of varied experience levels can produce repeatable high-speed bending results.

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