Monitoring System Can be Used on Any Machine, No Matter How Old it is

Designed to integrate into any environment, Caddis' Machine Monitoring System is a streaming analytics application that powers intelligent action and improves utilization and preventative maintenance management of your production floor by providing you with real-time actionable data.

Caddis' ability to monitor any type or vintage of machine in fully or minimal staffed manufacturing and warehouse facilities allows customers to always stay up to date on their entire operation.

The Caddis System is designed to meet your current monitoring needs and also has the ability to be scaled up as your monitoring needs expand. Caddis can help your business grow from one device to thousands of devices and reassign devices to different machines if your machine monitoring priorities shift.

The Caddis pricing structure accommodates any budget. Flexible terms enable a customer to pay on a monthly basis or purchase the devices for a one-time flat fee. There is also an option to trial as many as 10 devices for 30 days at no cost.

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