Unique Fiber Laser Machine Streamlines Tube-Cutting Process

Mazak Optonics Corp. has launched the latest in its laser-cutting line up, the FT-150 FIBER.

The FT-150 FIBER tube-cutting laser has been designed for high-speed cutting and reduced non-cutting process to improve cycle times for small to medium diameter tubes. The result is superior productivity with high throughput. The FT-150 FIBER utilizes a series of advanced technologies and optional features to streamline and automate laser-cutting tube production processes.

The FT-150 FIBER tube laser machine includes a unique design and a proprietary agile U-Axis to facilitate speed and productivity. The U-Axis offers impressive cutting speeds and superior part accuracy through a wide range of applications.

The FT-150 FIBER utilizes a 2.5D cutting head with focus detection. The programmable angle of the B-Axis enables bevel cutting of the material thickness providing for improved welding, multiple tube assembly, and fit and finish.

One specific option to improve productivity is extrusion-tapping. This value-added process utilizes a rotary spindle and eight tool positions. Any tool position can be deployed for direct tapping or combined with extrusion, providing proper thread depth.

There are a variety of additional process enhancement options available as well. Spatter guard protects the inner tube from cutting debris and reduces secondary processes. A part sorting system with dual belt conveyors offers optimal part processing. Weld seam detection camera orients the workpiece for proper geometry orientation.

The FT-150 FIBER's compact layout has an ergonomic design with the operator area, loading station and unloading station all located on the same side. The machine's condensed footprint also allows for it to be easily placed along a wall or between aisles.

The FT-150 FIBER is also equipped with a number of intelligent setup functions, including auto-profiler calibration and nozzle cleaning to further enhance productivity.

Mazak's CAD/CAM software, FX-TUBE, allows time study and consumption cost data to be easily integrated into a customer's ERP system, while the imported 3D data edit function considerably reduces editing and waiting time.

Overall productivity is further enhanced by the MAZAK FX control which includes important functions such as the Quick Restart Program, the ability to schedule using QR Codes generated by FX TUBE, and a "Database Viewer" of the machine's cutting condition database.

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