New Quick-Change Discs Ideal to Remove Slag, Burrs and More from Castings and Heavy Weldments

Superior Abrasives, LLC introduces their most aggressive coated material in quick change form, ALPHA-KUT™ Quick Change Discs.

Burrs, sharp edges, slag and other undesirable materials can be quickly removed, and the workpiece shaped in a single step, thereby reducing changeover time and costs. ALPHA-KUT™ consists of triangular, precision-formed abrasive grains which exhibit the continually self-sharpening properties and wear characteristics of ceramics, delivering a consistent cutting action over a long service life. The grain strength is complemented by a rigid fiber backing for stability, allowing added pressure for maximum stock removal.

ALPHA-KUT™ quick change discs are ideal for heavy material removal or hardened materials, such as castings where the sprue is removed, large parts with excessive parting lines, large weld removal in narrow or otherwise inaccessible areas, weld or seam removal and blending, leveling and rough shaping, and more. Foundries and fabricators working with cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and carbon steel can save time on tooling changeovers and achieve faster processing with this aggressive new product.

While ALPHA-KUT™ can complement existing coated abrasives, it may be a suitable replacement for small diameter or light use cutting wheels. The relatively forgiving nature of coated abrasives allows new and inexperienced operators to perform tasks without much risk to expensive workpieces. Available in 36 grit, 1 1/2", 2" and 3" diameters with military grade nylon type R button attachments.

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