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CNC Laser Offers Maintenance-Free, Optimal Cutting

Koike Aronson Ransome has released the company's newest CNC fiber laser cutting machine, the FiberPro. The FiberPro offers robust capabilities, including Flashcut Pro Controller software that efficiently cuts materials like brass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.

For precise and consistent cuts, Koike's FiberPro CNC laser cutting machine comes standard with a Precitec cutting head, as well as a direct-drive helical rack and pinion. This machine features ISO 230-2 machinery standard specifications and the option of a 2kW or 4kW laser.

The FiberPro is Class 1 safety rated and designed with safety viewing glass to enable the operator to view the machine as it cuts for optimal protection. This machine is easy to setup and requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus solely on output.

The Fiber Pro is manufactured by in-house industry experts with the highest quality materials, ensuring the ultimate in performance and longevity. It is fully engineered, manufactured, shipped and supported within the USA.

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