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Fully-Automated Turn/Mill Offers Most Compact Solution for Loading/Unloading

As the entry-level to the Hyperturn series, the new HYPERTURN 45 G3 is impressive with its increased spindle distance of 760 mm for collision-free processing with two turrets.

The expanded working space offers sufficient room for the integration of BMT turrets in 12x or 16x versions. With its precision interface for fast tool changeover and direct drive for high power milling of complex workpieces, it is an excellent choice.

The water-cooled direct drive has 8 kW of power; it drills and mills at up to 12,000 rpm and offers 20 Nm of torque. The stable BMT interface ensures that tools have a long service life. Overall, it gives the user more possibilities in terms of workpiece processing or increasing productivity.

EMCONNECT, the new assistant for control and production processes, is included in the machine's standard equipment. EMCONNECT is a digital process assistant for the comprehensive integration of customer- and system-specific applications for controlling the machine and the production flow. As the operating sequences focus on the user and their requirements, it is possible to create more efficient work processes without losing sight of the machines' outstanding reliability in all operating modes.


EMCO's Turn/Mill-Assist is the most compact complete solution when it comes to loading and unloading EMCO turning and milling machines. Turn/Mill-Assist is characterized especially by its user-friendliness. Thanks to the beginner-friendly control, users can get down to work without delay, which results in significantly higher efficiency, profitability and flexibility.

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