Change Chucks in Under 3 Minutes with New Switching System

SMW Autoblok introduces the innovative CCS chuck changing system.

Providing excellent repeatability that is guaranteed within 10 microns, the CCS can be installed in under three minutes on new or existing lathes that saves time and increases operator productivity. A standard adapter system provides automatic push off and easy mounting to all types of traditional or custom workholding including 2-jaw chucks, 3-jaw chucks, collet chucks, mandrels, and manual fixtures, among others.

With a simple turn of a key, quickly connect workholding devices to the machine spindle and draw tube of the actuating cylinder. This guarantees operator safety in addition to minimizing machine downtime. A large through hole and a visual safety control of the locking status completes the versatility of the CCSchuck switching system.

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SMW Autoblok

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[Change Chucks in Under 3 Minutes with New Switching System]

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