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Electrochemical Machine Cuts Stainless-Steel Tubes Burr-Free

Electrochemical grinding (ECG) solution provider Tridex Technology, now a Glebar Company, provides a burr-free cut-off solution for stainless steel tubes with their CS1-E Burr Free Electrochemical Cutoff machine.

Many manufacturers cut tubes one at a time using cold saws or standard abrasive cutting saws which leave burrs and metal chips. This requires a secondary process of wire brushing and tumbling to deburr the tubes and remove any debris. Older machines have poor accuracy and outdated safety features.

Tridex designed and manufactured a solution that was able to cut multiple tubes simultaneously, burr free, and without any damage from debris. The solution also needed to reduce the number of production processes. Lastly, the machine needed to be equipped with enhanced safety measures that wouldn't deteriorate over time.

Tridex developed their CS1-E Burr-Free Electrochemical Cutoff Machine. ECG provides a precise cut, free from burrs, metal chips, stress and mechanical distortions. Using a stainless-steel machine design, the CS1-E is resistant to corrosion, debris, and provides for simple maintenance. A filter system is used to clean the electrolyte fluid to minimize the post process part cleaning. The CS1-E can be configured as right or left-handed enabling one operator to run multiple machines at once.

To provide a safe work environment, electronic interlocks are used on the front splash guard doors and on the feed system. Safety rated servos and pneumatics are also utilized. The integrated safety features allow the CS1-E to meet CE and ISO 13849 machine safety standards.

"ECG cut-off is an excellent solution for any application that needs to be completely burr-free," said Glebar's Vice President of Business Development Tom Travia. "With its long wheel life and fast, precise cuts, the CS1-E has become an essential part of the manufacturing line for medical, aerospace, automotive, and energy manufacturers."

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